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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are among the most transformational events in a company’s life-cycle. As such, it is critical to ensure the merits of a proposed transaction are optimally communicated to help obtain shareholder approval.

Truly “friendly” transactions are a relic. Opposition is pervasive- whether from shareholders genuinely dissatisfied with deal consideration or from event-driven merger arb funds seeking to extract additional economics through “bumpatrage” by withholding support in the hopes a higher bid will emerge. Highlighting a thorough process was conducted and making a compelling valuation argument are essential to garner the support of proxy advisory firms and shareholders alike.

The CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT team has considerable M&A experience helping companies obtain and maximize shareholder support for transactions and has worked on an extensive variety of domestic and cross-border M&A campaigns - including Merger Votes, Tender Offers, Reverse Mergers, de-SPAC Transactions, and Reverse Morris Trusts. We also have sector expertise working with life sciences companies and are able to communicate deal terms (such as Contingent Value Rights) in a manner that enhances shareholder understanding and generates support.

While shareholder approval may be a prerequisite to consummating a transaction, there is also value in maximizing support to demonstrate a broad shareholder mandate and thwart activists and litigious shareholders challenging a deal or seeking appraisal rights. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT helps ensure transactions close smoothly and cost-effectively.

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