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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Campaign Management, Michael Fein is a leading advisor to clients seeking shareholder support in corporate elections and leverages more than 30 years of Wall Street experience to drive successful outcomes.

Michael adds significant value through the unique insight and perspective gained from his extensive buy-side experience. This background provides both a deep appreciation for the factors that influence shareholder voting as well as strong relationships with decision makers at leading institutions.

Having advised on hundreds of shareholder meetings, Michael is fluent in proxy logistics, current on the latest regulatory developments, and has in-depth knowledge of institutional and proxy advisor voting guidelines- enabling him to devise and execute the most effective campaign strategies.

While Michael’s meticulous attention to detail helps ensure uncontested shareholder meetings run smoothly and cost-effectively, his experience advising on more challenging and nuanced campaigns is vital to obtain and maximize shareholder support in contested M&A transactions and proxy contests. His shareholder activism experience includes advising on many of the highest profile proxy contests, working on behalf of the most well-known companies as well as both leading investors and first-time activists.

Recognized as a thought leader, Michael is a frequent panelist, webinar participant, and Judge of the M&A Advisor awards. He regularly shares insight on the latest developments spanning the entire proxy landscape as author of The Fein Print. His ability to de-mystify the intricacies of proxy plumbing and explain technical jargon in layman’s terms is valued by clients and advisors alike.

Michael’s expertise includes corporate governance, M&A, shareholder activism, executive compensation, environmental/social considerations, and SPACs. He has worked on campaigns in virtually all sectors and has particular familiarity with life sciences and energy companies.

Michael began his career as Director of Marketing at Prudential Asset Management helping build the firm’s asset base and communicating with PAMCO’s institutional investors. He later was an equity derivatives trader as an Options Principal Member of The American Stock Exchange before launching an asset management firm that invested over $300 million in a variety of equity and debt strategies. Prior to founding Campaign Management, Michael was a seed investor in a proxy solicitation firm specializing in shareholder activism which he later joined as Senior Vice President. He then built and led the U.S. business of a global proxy solicitation firm as President, U.S.

Michael holds a B.S. in Economics with a concentration in Finance from The Wharton Business School of The University of Pennsylvania.

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